What will you do?

I have an officemate where if you describe his appearance to him, he will get mad. If you say, you are balding, or your eyes are a little big and your chin is like a crescent - no matter how nice you say it is, he will get mad at you. BUUUUTTT if he describes you, like your nose is too big, you're like a midget, your hair is dry - it is fine by him and he does not think that there is something wrong with that. Talk about double standards right? To top it all, when he goes home in his parents house, he pretends that he is not gay but is a real man. Why not just be honest with your parents? Maybe they will get mad or angry or disappointed with you but don't you think it will be for the best if you come out of the closet? It's not that you exactly hide that you are gay here in the city...

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  1. bucket_residence

    That is a difficult situation. I’m understanding that you say he can’t take as well as he dishes out. That is the case a lot of the times. If he’s insulting coworkers, in general, the answer is not to sink to his level. He has no right insulting or talking stupid. If he does, the best remedy is to report his actions to your boss. You shouldn’t act like him, tho I understand it’s difficult to ignore. Whether he’s gay or not is irrelevant. Don’t even go there, not in the work place. I will say this….IF he is gay, that’s his business. Nobody can decide for him when he comes out. He may very well be gay, but not sharing it with family. Only HE knows why he’s kept it from them…not everybody, including parents, can accept this. That’s between those two. My advice would be to ignore this person as hard it may be for you. Good luck though.

    March 21, 2017