Highs and Lows

In our life, there will be times that we will experience the Highs and Lows. Ups and downs, Happiness and Sadness. Guess mine is a lot on the lows, downs and sadness lately. The person that you care the most does not care the way that you want them to care for you or love you. It's a sad fact of life and we all just have to deal with it. We have to learn how to accept it and try to move on. If we cannot, just pray that you be granted the serenity to accept what is. I am still at the point of my life where I keep on hoping this will change, he will change but I do not ask myself - do I have the courage to change?  You will never be truly happy if you do not learn to let go. If you have doubts then listen, ask for clarification and if you find out the truth even if it is not to your liking, try to accept it.

If you feel that you are weak, pray. If you feel like you are so depressed, pray. Prayer is our way of communicating to God what we really want and it is His way of telling us His way. When you pray, try to listen. Sometimes when we pray we just tend to ramble and tell Him what He wanted. What about what He wants?

Okay this has gone too long, sorry. But everytime that I feel like I am slipping down the depression area again, I try to pray and listen. And my spirit is lifted even if just a little.



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