Never let anyone be the source of your happiness. Happiness is inside you. All those people are just influences but they will never be the source of your happiness. Do not think that you will not be happy without that certain person in your life or if you did not get what you want. You can be happy if only you choose to. Be happy in small things. Be happy that you are still alive. You still have a lot of time to do what you want and you should never depend on someone. Made the mistake a lot of times but I never seem to learn. Well, I still have time to do it right haven't I? I can be happy without him. I can be happy because I chose to. I can be happy because I deserve to be. I will be happy. 

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  1. RRoe

    I think there are a few things to learn and practice before happiness becomes more than a visitor.

    June 24, 2017