I love you. This is the last day that I gave to myself to think of you, be sad, cry. After this, no more Paul. No more late night calls. Sure I miss them but I just think you were in a relationship with me because you were bored and because you needed me. Will you still say you care and you love me if you don't need anything from me? Sad story of my life, the last 3 men that I was in a relationship with only used me and I am stupid enough to believe them all true only to find out that I have been left in the dumpster again. 

I love you so much Paul. I really do hope you happiness. I do not hate you for what you did. I hate myself for believing it is all true. The one lesson I got from you that I will never forget, Life is too short to be sad. So today, I am finally letting you go. Thank you for all those wonderful months that you made me believed I was the one that you love. During those times, I really felt that you care. All lies must stop, so today, I am giving up. Thank you. I do hope you are happy. Don't worry, in time, I will be...

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Comments (2)

  1. Dino01

    This is beautiful in a very sad way. I wish I could say this was fiction and it was only written for people to read and feel things but sadly this seems to be very much the truth. I am sorry you feel the way you do and i hope you can feel better soon. I have had my share of heartbreak but somewhat different from yours. Anyways good luck.

    June 18, 2017
    1. haydeeandgabriel

      it is the truth. Everything that I post here is the truth. Thank you for wishing me luck. Posting here on thoughts makes me a little less depressed and is a good outlet without anyone really knowing me.

      June 18, 2017