His one question

While we were talking: What can I do to make you feel secured? That is the question that I have been waiting to be asked...


Guys will never change unless they want to. Women should remember that when they fall in love with a "bad boy". Don't even try to change people because you want them to change. People will change because they want to. So if you get your heart broken...


Go away. I do not want you to be with me today. It is not good for me to be alone with my thoughts today. I feel like the whole world is closing in on me. Got to go out and drink a little than to be depressed again.


Note to myself: Never ever let someone to make you feel stupid :)

Try to fight it

Try to fight depression by thinking positive thoughts or happy memories. But today, I think I am losing my battle with D. I find it hard to think of happy thoughts. All I can remember is to be sad, sad sad, sad. I have to go and call reinforcement in...

Thought for the day

I was having a sad day when boyfriend says: Life is too precious to be sad. Makes sense. I want to have that attitude also...If only ;)


I can feel too. I'm only human. I bleed, I cry, I mourn. I am not made of stone. I am hurt.