Smile even if you find it hard to do. You will never know the person you are smiling at is at the verge of depression or suicide and it was your smile that made them rethink of doing something bad to themselves.

Starting today

Starting today, I will no longer help people who just shows up when they need something from me. I will treat them the way that they treat me. Tit for tat.


Sige ikaw na tong maganda. Ikaw na ang matalino. Ikaw na ang anak ng Diyos. Ikaw na lang lahat. Okay na masaya ka na ba? Kapag may kailangan ka, ang galing, galing mo. Kapag ako ang may kailangan, wala ka na, para kang bula. Sana nga hindi na lang...


When people ask for your help, you are always there to lend a helping hand. But when the time comes that you need their help, no one is around. It seems every people you helped just vanished into thin air. And you are down, sinking, sinking, sinking,...

Yanis Yanis Yanis

My little man called again today. He showed me his toys and played with Leanna. I can see that he is also happy to see me. Leanna is actually smiling and laughing when I saw her. I love my litle man and my little girl. Wish I could see them more often.

What will you do?

I have an officemate where if you describe his appearance to him, he will get mad. If you say, you are balding, or your eyes are a little big and your chin is like a crescent - no matter how nice you say it is, he will get mad at you. BUUUUTTT if he...

Highs and Lows

In our life, there will be times that we will experience the Highs and Lows. Ups and downs, Happiness and Sadness. Guess mine is a lot on the lows, downs and sadness lately. The person that you care the most does not care the way that you want them to...

Yanis made my day

Just got a call from my "boyfriend" Yanis. He is with his sister Leana who is just 9 months old. Funny how Yanis seem to grow so fast. Not so long ago, he was just a few months old himself and now he is almost 3! This is also the first time that he...

What if?

I just read somewhere: Stick with the one you know. My question is: If you stick with the one you know, how will you grow? What if the one you know is not the one for you? What then?

Try to remember

When you were alone, sad, angry and depressed, I was there with you - every step of the way. Now that you are happy, I hope you still remember me.

March 9, 2017

My heart is aching to see you but I just can't lower down my pride. The last time we talked was not really good because you slammed the phone down on me. Your dad just came inside and you did not want him to see you talking to me. That really hurt me...

New Day

New day has come...New hope is given. Let us be positive that everything will be alright. No matter how depressed or sad or angry you are and even if you don't believe in God, do not forget, God loves you. Don't be so hard in yourself. Be happy. Be...