Dear H, People go into phases of life but when you feel like your body clock is ticking and the one relationship that you wanted to last forever just failed. You feel like your world crumbled. You can't sleep, can't eat, can't even feel anything....

His one question

While we were talking: What can I do to make you feel secured? That is the question that I have been waiting to be asked...


Guys will never change unless they want to. Women should remember that when they fall in love with a "bad boy". Don't even try to change people because you want them to change. People will change because they want to. So if you get your heart broken...


Go away. I do not want you to be with me today. It is not good for me to be alone with my thoughts today. I feel like the whole world is closing in on me. Got to go out and drink a little than to be depressed again.


Note to myself: Never ever let someone to make you feel stupid :)

Try to fight it

Try to fight depression by thinking positive thoughts or happy memories. But today, I think I am losing my battle with D. I find it hard to think of happy thoughts. All I can remember is to be sad, sad sad, sad. I have to go and call reinforcement in...

Thought for the day

I was having a sad day when boyfriend says: Life is too precious to be sad. Makes sense. I want to have that attitude also...If only ;)


I can feel too. I'm only human. I bleed, I cry, I mourn. I am not made of stone. I am hurt. 


Smile even if you find it hard to do. You will never know the person you are smiling at is at the verge of depression or suicide and it was your smile that made them rethink of doing something bad to themselves.

Starting today

Starting today, I will no longer help people who just shows up when they need something from me. I will treat them the way that they treat me. Tit for tat.


Sige ikaw na tong maganda. Ikaw na ang matalino. Ikaw na ang anak ng Diyos. Ikaw na lang lahat. Okay na masaya ka na ba? Kapag may kailangan ka, ang galing, galing mo. Kapag ako ang may kailangan, wala ka na, para kang bula. Sana nga hindi na lang...


When people ask for your help, you are always there to lend a helping hand. But when the time comes that you need their help, no one is around. It seems every people you helped just vanished into thin air. And you are down, sinking, sinking, sinking,...